The Unique Value of Hoon, Inc


We require our job supervisors to submit daily job reports documenting progress and daily activities on the job. Hoon, Inc. also facilitates weekly job meetings where owner/architect/builder come together to access progress with respect to schedule and quality of work. Any changes in work resulting from field conditions or owner requests will be also be addressed during these meetings. Hoon, Inc. has systems in place for project management that conveniently document communication in all areas of the process, from contract, to submittals, schedules, change orders, daily job progress and close out documents.


We create a schedule consisting of the tasks required to complete the project, the time frame associated with each task is closely monitored. This allows us to anticipate and address any possible issues that could effect completion date. We know that time is money for our customers and completing projects on time is an efficient part of our business and work load as well.


It is our goal to effectively design and plan for your project so that there will not be any change orders causing additional costs as the construction proceeds. There are often unforeseen issues in construction, but good planning should keep cost to a minimum.


Safety is our priority. In accordance with Federal, State and OSHA regulations our company has a Safety and Health program. A copy of our safety manual is always kept at the job site. We have reviewed the “Safety, Fire and Hazard Communication Requirements Applicable to Contractors at Armstrong locations” document provided and accept it as part of our safety program as well.

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